Mobile Marketing

Mobile is the medium where you connect consumers with content and brand culture. It’s the right place to target consumers and tackling business goals. Our mobile marketing specialists work with an audience-first approach, creative and technical innovation, and performance transparency. Today’s customers and employees have never been so connected. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and mobile is now the third eye for a human to reach the world around. Our mobile marketing allows you to target your local prospect and engage with the targeted community.

Why us ?

At Sociokit, we see mobile advertising as the way of the future. Our mobile marketing service combines ad management and ad optimization to create an online persona for your company that attracts and engages consumers, expands your target market, and increases your sales. By focusing on mobile’s unique location and social interaction features, we’re able to create custom campaigns for our clients that results great business.

How Can Our Mobile Marketing help you ?

We customize our mobile campaigns to suit the unique needs of your business by including any of the following ad types: Mobile YouTube Ads, Click-to-Call Promotions, Product Extension Ads, Video Ads, and Mobile Search Ads, Site link Ads, Expandable Video/Image Ads, Instant Preview Ad and Promotion Code Ads.

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