Local Citation

Local Citation

Local Citation

A local citation is referred by the online mention of the business name, address and phone number for local organizations and service providers. Local Citations help Internet users to find out particular local businesses or services and can also influence local search engine rankings.

Why is Local Citation?

Local Citation is essential for Internet users to easily locate local businesses or service providers. Most of the local businesses serve customers in one city or one more areas. When a potential customer goes on Google to search for a particular service provider, he/she will redirect to locally listed service provider.

Google will serve the listings that Google thinks are most relevant to the searcher. If your business has strong local listings, Google will place your service or brand top of the search results.

Ever since Google trimmed down the map pack to only show 3 results, these top spots are more competitive than ever.

What We Do?

At Socikit.com, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver local business directory listing service to your business and make sure that your business shows up ranking top in search engine results.

As we have years of expertise and solid data that tell us which citations you can trust, and which ones might actually trouble your business. We have hundreds of citation opportunities for any type of business or brands.

Citations are vital to local search rankings. Digital marketing experts agree that citations account for around 25% of all local ranking factors.